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World Class Nightlife 

Bangla Road Soi Bangla wakes up as the sun goes down. When these two meet on their way, Patong’s liveliest gathering zone gears up all out to start its nightlife. Well known for its unrefined nightlife, Bangla goes hard and fast to engross with young ladies, lagers and music that increases in volume as the moon climbs. Stuck most evenings year round, it’s really oddly pleasant and a energetic spot to stroll around as bars vie for clients.

On the off chance that you stroll up Bangla Road from the shoreline street then on the leftright side is a line of open brew bars. The majority of them have young ladies working but since they are in the city they don’t have the vibe of the full on girly bars. They are extraordinary bars for viewing the comings and goings on Bangla Road.

Spots to Checkout
Soi Easy

Best known for the upstairs Aussie Bar, which pulls in an unwavering swarm of Australians, Soi Easy is the bar closest to the shoreline on Bangla Road. A two story perplexing of blazing neon and boisterous music, Soi Easy has around 25 separate bars to browse yet the previously stated Aussie Bar and Hollywood Disco are the principle hotspots to look at.

Soi Eric

Run by an expert and decently sorted out administration group from Europe, Soi Eric has made a decent showing of bringing request from tumult. The main thing you recognize is that Soi Eric doesn’t sound like clash of the groups. There is one DJ who plays the records for the whole road, which eliminates a portion of the clamor and perplexity of alternate clubs.

Soi Gonzo

By Soi Easy you’ll discover Soi Gonzo, a cool little place that regularly gets neglected between the neon of Easy and the ladboys of Soi Crocodile.soi Gonzo is the spot to go to appreciate all the temptations of Bangla Road without needing to manage the swarms. There are perhaps ten bars on Soi Gonzo, for example, the fascinating looking Black Cat, however the enduring most loved is The Wet Spot, the friendliest bar on the Soi.

Soi Seadragon

Soi Seadragon has completely been updated and remade, offering now two levels of brew bars in the focal path. A remarkable sound frame covers the entire region as light impacts play on the titan top that now ensure the full road. Lined on both sides with a considerable measure of new go-go bars, and a few others more known, Soi Seadragon is the spot to go to watch inadequately clad ladies shake what they’ve got. So if sleeping is the best thing that you have been doing at night, you have much more to discover.

Seduction Nightclub

This is the place where foreigners from all over the world come to party. In here you will find Russians dancing with British & Chinese with Brazilians. The diversity in the club is renown worldwide. Seduction now sprawls 3 dance floors and they are soon adding a 4th.