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Bangtao Beach
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Bangtao Beach is the second longest beach on Phuket Island at 8 kilometers in length. In the dry season, when the water is clear and calm, though you will find some people in the water, due to the great length of Bangtao, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a more private space for going into the sea than at some of the smaller beaches. Bangtao is another prime example of Phuket’s beautiful white sand beaches and azure blue water, which atract many people to come to Phuket every year. During the rainy season, there are waves and thus the water is not clear and can be unsafe for swimming at times and in places. Watch out for the red flags. Still it is a great place for walking, sun-tanning, and enjoying the nature year round.

Bangtao Beach The Northern-end of the beach is home to the Laguna complex which has some five hotels and a golf course. Thus this beach is sometimes called Laguna Beach. From Bangtao it is easy to reach more of Phuket’s beautiful beaches to the north such as Layan Beach, Nai Thon Beach, and Nai Yang Beach, and it is also easy to reach Surin Beach to the south, thus this area is a popular one for tourists as well as people investing in holiday homes. The southern part of Bangtao Beach also has accommodation options with resorts of a smaller scale than Laguna has to offer.

There are many man made lakes around the Bangtao area which are a relic from a bygone era, having once been pits for tin mining. There are many shops, restaurants, beach clubs in the area (though due to unresolved conflicts about land use and land ownership this may be changing somewhat as some places are being forced to move and tear down the structures), and there is a national park just to the north.

Like Kamala Beach to the south of Bangtao and some other areas of Southern Thailand, the area around Bangtao is home to a predominantly Muslim population, and so it would be wise to dress conservatively when going about in town so as not to offend the locals.