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Beaches are one place where one experiences eternal bliss and closeness to nature while relaxing alongside the natural waters. Beaches are the perfect exotic location not only for couples, elderly, and youngsters looking for fun but also for children, families and singles who want to enjoy either solitude or adventure. Phuket has a large number of wonderful beaches where you can avail a unique combination of water, adventure, marine life and the surrounding natural beauty.

While holidaying in Phuket, one must not miss any chance to visit these colorful, rejuvenating and lively beaches as much as possible. We have inked a comprehensive list of some of the must visit beaches. Do not skip even one of these if you are in Phuket.

Freedom Beach

Freedom beach exists along the west coast and is a gem of the Phuket Beaches. This beach is a little difficult in accessibility and that is where its exclusiveness lies. To reach here one has to cross hills and hence is recommended only for those who are looking for an adventure beyond the road. Try this for some adrenaline thumping romance.

Patong Beach

Patong beach makes a strong case for your visit owing to the life it has around it. The beach offers a variety of activities like water sports, shopping, food, boating along its two km of golden stretch. The best time to visit this beach is in November to April, when the weather is very flat. For those who are looking for relaxing through massages this beach is a perfect place as you can find a number of masseurs in hunt for clients.

Surin Beach

Surin beach is a white and crystal clear beach. The stretch of golden sand provides a rustic scenic beauty. Surin beach, despite being known to tourists and the rise in tourism has still managed to give the feeling of its raw, untouched and natural beauty.
A visit to Surin beach cannot be completed without an exotic Thai massage. The colorful umbrellas and beach chairs add colors to this beautiful beach.

Kalim Beach

Despite being located very near to the Patong beach, that gives way to a more developed and global life, Kalim beach has managed to retain the essence of Thai culture. If you are looking for an unadulterated Thai experience, check out this place.

Karon Beach

Would you like to have a long walk along the coastline? Karon beach is the right place for this. This beach is ideal for walks as the sand and water both are clear and despite the development of few resorts still the place is serene and inviting for people looking for peace and solitude.