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2 Bedroom & 3 Bedroom apartment suitable for: *Groups *Friends *Families *Like to cook *Privacy
Quadruple Room: *Family with Kids *Group of friends
Standard & Superior Room: *Couples
Standard Twin Room: *Friends

Yes, we offer 125 cc & 135 bikes at the hotel. We do not advise renting bikes outside the hotel.

Yes we provide this service at a rate of 50 baht per KG. 90 baht/KG for pressed & ironed.

Yes, our staff is very knowledgeable of many of the islands’ excellent tours & activities. We can also book you trusted taxi’s 24/7.

Yes, we have recently upgraded to a Fibre Optic wifi connection. It is accessible in every room and free of charge!

We do not have a restaurant on the premise but there is many small cafes & restaurants nearby. We do offer complimentary tea & coffee in the rooms.

Patong’s three-kilometer portion of brilliant sand is a standout amongst the most well-known shorelines not only in Phuket but the world. It’s a spot to watch the world pass by in a hive of movement, with parasailing, sailboats, shoreline merchants and masseuses all vying for the consideration of the numerous guests unwinding on the shoreline. The best time to come to Patong Beach is from November to April (amid the northeast storm) as the water is level and cool. Some invited shade can be discovered the whole time Patong Beach, under a line of coconut, half blossom, and palm and tropical almond trees differentiating the shoreline from the street. The somewhat cooler range additionally houses little nibble and beverage stalls, and shoreline massage parlors.

Things to Do at Patong Beach
Soak up a few beams on the shoreline- You can give some vitamin D to your body. Simply apply some sunscreen and set down for some time, it will allow you to unwind. Rent a chair and umbrella at the beach or bring your own.

Dunk your feet in a pool of fish at Lamai Inn- The best way to clear dead skin off your feet. It will provide you with another experience. The fish will take great care of your feet, it is completely safe.

Have a pedicure &message – Coming to Patong Beach and missing these will without a doubt harm you, so don’t miss the chance on the grounds that they are shabby and magnificent. A pedicure for $5 and 1hr back rub for $12.

Ride in a Disco Tuk- The exceptional ride which will doubtlessly make you feel the music!

Try some beach seafood– There are mixed bag of restaurants at the beach. Seafood like prawns, lobster & scallops and more are available at Baanzan Market as well which can be then cooked at the beach.

Patong Beach Water Sports- Patong shoreline is parasailing & Jet Ski paradise, ‘Jet Ski Boys’ can be discovered every few hundred meters.

Things not to do at Patong Beach
Take Safety Measures-Be careful of big waves and strong currents. Heed the warnings of the ‘no swim red flags’ and children ought to be kept in sight. Patong Beach does have lifeguards but vigilance is always necessary.

Don’t eat seafood which has been sitting out in the sun all day. This will surely set your trip back a few days while you take the time to recover.

Be mindful of sellers while shopping- Vendors typically are agreeable. Yet off and on, the enticement to mint an extra penny from exploring foreigners can be hard to resist. So be mindful when buying anything that seems to good to be true.