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Phuket News
Phuket, the popular tourist destination of Thailand is one place that has a lot to offer to everyone who visits here.
Phuket News

Phuket–, the popular tourist destination of Thailand is one place that has a lot to offer to everyone who visits here, be it someone looking for natural scenic beauty or a food lover, a romantic person, an even for an adventure lover. The town also offers religious and spiritual experience.
On visiting Phuket there are some places that must be on everyone’s wish-list as these places will give you an out of the world experience that is absolutely serene and incomparable.

The PhuangNga bay is a must visit to for a scenic lover, where as the colorful street of Soi Bangla gives you an experience like that of Las Vegas, with bars, restraints, an girls of course. Soi Bangla attracts young couples in search of exotic fun and must say, leaves them with memories of lifetime.

There essence of Old City of Phuket, is visible in the tiny streets near the bust stations which are also adorned by beautiful Portuguese mansions and shops. Here we also come across bakery and restaurants that make one relive the Old Portuguese colonial influence on food.
The Prompthep Viewpoint will give you a sunset view that will be engraved in the memory for years because of its eternal beauty.
Phuket Fantasea is an entertainment park in Kamla beach and in the recent years turned out to be one of the must visit place in Phuket owing to the performances by Thai actors and the colorful experience.

Phuket gives the experience of an amalgamation of Thai and Chinese culture in combination to European and the Portuguese influences and thereby has given a distinctive culture to the island.

The place is well known for its beach night life. The night life at the beaches is full of energetic young crowd in pursuit of finding fun through bright lights and music. One could go for massage, relax, chill, hang out an simply do anything there. Patong beach is the famous nightlife spot whereas Karon Beach and Kata Beach, though ranking closer to Patong are also not to be left out.

For the ones looking out for some adventure, Phuket offers thrill by the option of elephant trekking, Bungy, and other water sports.
Phuket can be visit all around the year and has a variety to offer to everyone be it sightseeing, adventure sports, nightlife, peace, colorful extravaganza or someone in pursuit of experience rich culture of the place.

One must not forget to try the delicacies that are offered in small bakery and other food joints all across the place. If you are a sea food lover, do not miss it here.

If you are looking for some shopping do not miss taking the amulets from the amulet markets which are of cultural significance to the Thai and the Chinese here. Amulets form an integral part in Buddhism.

One should also not forget to visit Bang Neow Shrine and Jao Mae KuanIm Shrine in Phuket, Both these places are places of workship and will give you the much needed spiritual calm in today’s fast world.

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